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Let us know what country and area you are in and a landline phone number would be helpful if you are in the UK. If you represent a business it would also help us to know the name and type of company.

the first hundred things the web designer needs to know

Please give as much relevant information about your project as you can so that we can help you. Tell us if you want a new website designing from scratch, an existing one improved or redone, a logo design or search engine marketing. The more you can tell us about the purpose of the website, the kind of image you need to portray, the product or service or topic, websites that you've seen that you like and something about the field that you're in - the better. Just ramble on as much as you like. If you haven't any firm ideas yet we'll come up with some for you to look at.


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your privacy, spam and other nasties

In short we respect your privacy in the same way that we expect ours to be respected and we don't do spam or anything else objectionable. Techspression Web Design abides by the regulations of the Data Protection Act (1998). We do not pass any of your details, personal; or company information to any other party. Should you decide not to use our services we will not send marketing materials by letter, email or contact you by phone.

contact us by phone

If you prefer to contact us by phone, our number is (44) 0161 860 0765. In order to avoid unnecessary costs we do not use a reception service. If there is no-one available the call will divert at our expense and you can leave a message.

We do not respond to withheld numbers in order to avoid wasting half the day answering sales and marketing calls. If your telephone system is pre configured to withhold the number simply dial 1470 before our number.

We do require quite a lot of information before we can design a website or carry out search engine marketing for you, and for that reason you may prefer to use the contact form on this page. One person's idea of a 'small website' is often quite different to another's.

We find that the best approach is for us to call you on your business or personal landline and spend some time going through a list of things that we need to know.

It is important for both parties to be clear about what is required.