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techspression web design

techspression is a small web design company based in Manchester UK. We design web sites of all types and sizes for businesses and individuals anywhere on the planet. The techniques and design principles we use will help you to be found ahead of your competitors in the major search engine listings and will provide your site visitors with an appealing graphic interface - professionally designed, attractive, fast loading and user friendly.

how to choose a web designer?

If you would like to contact us we can show you some of the web sites we've done and how well they do in the search engines.

Web sites with a lot of special effects can often look impressive but they may not get the results that you intended for a number of reasons. Special effects, graphics, images and animations can take a long time to load and take up a lot of bandwidth. People generally won't wait around to be impressed when your page finally loads and only in very rare cases are the effects so good that they return to the site to watch it all again. None of these design elements actually helps with search engine optimization (getting your web site found high in the search engine listings) and can work against it. What internet users want most is instant and helpful results about the product, service or information they are looking for. The amount of time spent on any web page that doesn't instantly get across the message can be so small that it registers as zero on your web stats and is typically well under a minute. If people don't see what they want quickly they go elsewhere. The main points of your message or theme must be visually clear and quickly accessible. Design quality is important as well because it creates the atmosphere or feel of your site. The layout, design and the structure of the web site is critical to your success in the search engines. The most successful sites such as YouTube, Amazon, Argos, MySpace, Wikipedia and Google itself all use a relatively plain and accessible format. None of these sites have high bandwidth gobbling graphics.

isn't this web site a bit minimal?

Yes because it happens that we like this kind of thing. But not everyone has the same tastes and we don't just do minimal designs. Have a look at some of the other sites we have done. We try to keep them uncluttered and easy on the eyes with a clean layout. There is no point in having stunning visual effects if nobody ever visits your site or the pages take too long to load. However, graphics are important in projecting an image and creating an atmosphere. If you own a restaurant for example, you'll want the web site to convey accurately the actual look and atmosphere that you have worked so hard to create as well as images that show the quality of the menu on offer. Designing web sites is ultimately all about balancing priorities without fudging in a mishmash of compromises that fail to get the results you wanted.

web standards, accessibility & css - what & why?

We are committed to the best practices in web design and hope we can demonstrate to you how this is in your best interests as well.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was founded in 1994 by Tim Berners-Lee, the original architect of the World Wide Web (WWW). Part of its task is to promote the equal accessibility of information on web pages to people with visual, hearing or other disabilities and to different technologies such as Hand Held devices and Screen Readers. Everyone accepts that public spaces and buildings should be equally accessible to everyone and clearly it should be the same for the web where possible - the biggest public space and point of interaction between people on the planet.